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ColiMinder™ is an online bacterial analyzer capable to detect fecal / microbiological contamination in any water related industrial process

on-line bacteria monitoring in Industrial processes

Industrial processes require a significant amount of water in appropriate quality. Due to economical, but also ecological reasons, the degree of water re-use and closed water cycles is increasing significantly, even prescribed by law.

Microbiological quality is of high importance especially in these closed water cycles as microorganisms proliferate exponentially within a short period of time.

The ColiMinder is installed to monitor microbiological quality in any water cycle or processed water, enabling to integrate the microbiological parameter into process control.


How does the coliminder detect microbiological contamination real-time in Process water?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of living microorganisms present in the sample, the ColiMinder is able to determine total microbiological contamination in process water and other technical fluids.

A first step into a new era: microbiological contamination measurement is available in real-time, enabling a dramatic increase in efficiency & safety of water treatment process for all water related processes.

Due to the short time to result (15 minutes), the microbiological parameter is now available first for process control and early warnings, shifting from 2D to 3D process control.


Adjust disinfection intensity to actual contamination

Monitor your process performance

In order to increase process efficiency

Receive early warning

In case of contamination events

Monitor microbiological quality

At different sites and different points, by online data transmission and visualization

Learn more about your process

The shape of the timelines (microbiological activity & turbidity) contains important additional information about the system


Monitoring cooling lubricants

Proven capabilities

The ColiMinder™ can be installed in water-related industrial production processes for real-time monitoring of e.coli or microbiological contamination:

Automotive industry, including cooling lubricants

Metal industry

Oil & gas production & refineries

Cooling towers

Thermal power plants

Pulp & Paper Industries


The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various applications world-wide

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