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Surface & bathing Water

ColiMinder™ is an online E. coli analyzer capable to detect fecal and microbiological contamination in surface water, raw water and bathing water within 15 minutes.

essential source


Surface water is an essential source for drinking water, also serving people as bathing and recreational waters. Its microbiological quality is of essence as people get in direct touch, thus its microbiological contamination is affecting directly to people’s health.

The ColiMinder is deployed successfully world-wide in many different installations to monitor fecal contamination in

– Surface water such as sea, lakes, rivers

– recreational and bathing waters

– raw water intake for drinking water production

– outlets of sewage / wastewater treatment plants draining into surface waters

to ensure safety and enable quick reaction in contamination events.

How does the coliminder detect microbiological contamination real-time in surface and bathing water?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of living faecal indicators (E.coli or enterococci) present in the sample, the ColiMinder is able to determine the level of faecal contamination in surface and bathing water.

A first step into a new era: microbiological contamination measurement is available in real-time, enabling a dramatic increase in efficiency & safety of water treatment process for all water related processes.

Due to the short time to result (15 minutes), the microbiological parameter is now available first time for process control and early warning.

Close your beaches in case of contamination

instead of closing one day later

Get real-time information

about your raw water

Receive early warning

In case of contamination events


To the actual contamination level

Learn more about your process

The shape of the timelines (microbiological activity & turbidity) contains important additional information about the system

Get high resolution turbidity signal

Providing the same resolution as flow cytometer

Avoid overdosing

Adjust disinfection intensity to actual contamination


In case of contamination events

Surface water mapping at Yahara Lakes, USA*
*quoted from: Stadler et al: Spatial patterns of enzymatic activity in large water bodies: Ship-borne measurements of beta-D-glucuronidase activity as a rapid indicator of microbial water quality“, 2018

Proven capabilities

The ColiMinder™ can be installed at any location or used as a mobile version to monitor microbiological contamination in surface water, raw water and bathing water:

Beaches (sea, river, lake, creeks, reservoirs, dams)

Raw water intakes

Surface water mapping


The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various applications world-wide

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