ColiMinder Portable CMM-02

Product details

ColiMinder® CMM-02 Portable is dedicated for scientific use.

it is available on request only.

Requires advanced technical handling.



Basic Principles

Fluorometric measurement technology

Reagents & Consumables

  • can be used with any reagent kit available at VWMS
  • Rinsing water (provided by customer)
  • No contaminated or hazardous waste is produced
  • Reagents holding capacity: up to 1000 measurements

Key Features


fully automated sampling, measurement, cleaning and calibration


Online data visualization and automatic notification


100 measurements without staff intervention


up to 54 (80 in special cases) measurements per day


Fully controllable through internet connection


1 sample intake only

Measurement Frequency

  • 15 min measurement time followed by a 9 min cleaning cycle
  • Continuous Mode: up to 54 measurements per day.
  • Interval Mode: time between the measurements can be set manually
  • Persistent Mode: Sample 1 or Sample 2
  • Alternating Mode: Sample 1 and Sample 2
  • The measurement process is a batch process.

Data transfer and visualization

Measurements data is directly transmitted to server through internet/ network connection

Live data visualization on dedicated website, results can be downloaded

Automatic notifications can be set (E-mail, SMS)

Measurement results are also available through RS232/RS485 or Modbus TCP (optional)

Measurement results can be saved on USB Flash Drive directly from the device

4 to 20 mA output optional

Remote control

All functions and programming can be performed through remote control (internet or network connection required). The ColiMinder® is able to control ISCO 6700 auto samplers, which also can be controlled remotely through ColiMinder® remote control.

Online visualization

Using this service, you are able to monitor status and results of your ColiMinder live and online on a dedicated homepage. Results are presented in a timeline and can be downloaded in csv or xls

Add-On Modules

please ask for tailor-made solution in case add-on modules are required.

Connection Ports






Internal GPRS/LTE–Modem

AutoSampler Control Port

Alarm–light integrated


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