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Bottled Water

ColiMinder™ is an instrument for real-time and on-line microbiological monitoring and delivers a result in 15 minutes – fully automated and 24/7

Bottled Water Quality

A microbiological contamination of products is the worst-case scenario for each bottling company. It causes enormous subsequent costs, considerable damage to the manufacturer’s reputation and in the worst case customers can be harmed.

The ColiMinder provides the important parameter of microbiological contamination fully automatic and almost in real time.

Raw water, as well as other essential process steps can be automatically monitored by the ColiMinder. Once microbiological activity exceeds a determined limit the ColiMinder automatically notifies responsible parties.

Bacterial contamination can originate from raw water or can occur in the process itself. Any kind of filtration represents a potential source of risk. A timely performed CIP process minimizes this risk. Due to a long incubation period, microbiological laboratory tests cannot be used to determine the right time to perform the CIP process. With the ColiMinder installed, the decision to stop production and execute a CIP process can be taken based on actual measurement results.

This applies to all production and bottling processes for mineral water, bottled water, soft drinks, breweries, dairy production, including sterile and injection water production.

How does the coliminder detect microbiological contamination real-time in water bottling?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of living microorganisms present in the sample, the ColiMinder™ is capable to monitor microbiological contamination of water throughout the entire bottling process in real-time.

Microbiological contamination measurements being now available in real-time enable a tremendous increase of efficiency & safety of all water, mineral water and soft drink bottling processes.

Measurements, cleaning, and calibration are being performed fully automatically. All measurement results can be viewed live and online, and the ColiMinder can be controlled via VPN-remote access.

Installation of the ColiMinder is simple, and if necessary, can be done by the customer himself. VWMS can support by video chat and by remote control directly.

Via online-support VWMS is able to monitor all measurements at the customers to guarantee that all measurements are carried out correctly, and that the results are valid and substantive.


Installed directly in the production process

no manual sampling required – but possible

carrry out 50 measurements per day - fully automated

if required this can be increased to 80 measurements.


Monitor different sampling points along the process

fully automated or insert manual grab samples

Automated warning

 in case of any traces of contamination

Evidence based CIP schedule

decide to CIP based on measurement results

identify contamination sources

easy and fast!

ColiMinder triggered autosampler available

storing up to 20 liters of sample for in-depth lab analyses

Add “Know-now”

to your know-how about microbiological quality

Monitor two different sampling points automatically

with an according add-on-module, the number of automatically monitored sample intakes can be extended up to 12.

Proven Capabilities

The ColiMinder™ analyzer can be installed at any stage of a water or soft drink production and bottling process for real-time monitoring of microbiological contamination:

raw water intake (ground water from springs or wells, municipal water, surface water)

filtration process (NF, UF, MF)

disinfection step

final product at bottling

storage tanks

rinsing water for bottle washing


The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various applications world-wide

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