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Drinking Water

ColiMinder™ is an analyzer for real-time online bacteria monitoring and is able to detect microbiological contamination in drinking water in 15 minutes.

Drinking Water Quality

The quality of drinking water is essential as water is distributed throughout networks reaching thousands of people within a short period of time. Besides contamination resulting from external sources and being spread within a network, bacteria and microorganisms are able to grow within the system and act as an internal source of hazard.

The ColiMinder has proven its capacity to ensure monitoring of bacterial contamination

  • in drinking water networks and storage tanks
  • in process performance of drinking water production
  • at raw water intakes for drinking water production
  • the timeline showing any change in microbial contamination is carrying precise and valuable information which had never been available before.




How does the coliminder detect microbiological contamination real-time in drinking water?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of living microorganisms present in the sample, the ColiMinder™ is capable to monitor microbiological contamination in drinking water.

A first step into a new era: bacterial and microbiological contamination measurements are available in real-time, enabling a dramatic increase in efficiency & safety of water treatment process for all water related processes.

Due to the short time to result (15 minutes), the microbiological parameter is now available for process control and early warnings.

The ColiMinder has proven that it can fully map the microbiological water quality of a drinking water distribution line and is perfectly able to measure all kinds of contaminations, even if it was on the lowest level.

Receive early warning

In case of contamination events

Monitor your process performance

In order to increase process efficiency

Learn more about your process

The result timelines (microbiological activity & turbidity) carry important additional information about the system

Safeguard your water quality

In storage facilities and distribution networks

Protect your production charges

By monitoring beverage and food production process, enabling early detection of possible contamination.

Avoid overdosing

Adjust disinfection intensity to actual contamination

Drinking water production, sample 1 (black) monitoring raw water intake and sample 2 (green) after activated carbon filtration

Proven Capabilities

The ColiMinder™ bacterial analyzer can be installed at any stage of a drinking water production process for real-time monitoring of microbiological contamination:

River bank filtration wells

Groundwater wells

Raw water intakes


Food & Beverage, bottling companies

flocculation process

Storage tanks

distribution network

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The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various drinking water applications world-wide

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