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Waste Water

ColiMinder™ is capable to detect fecal contamination in waste water within 15 minutes.


Waste water processes are the largest water treatment processes with disinfection efforts involving a huge amount of chemicals/energy. In waste water treatment the contamination levels also show extreme diurnal variations.

There is thus a huge potential of savings through adopting the disinfection intensity to the actual contamination.

How does the coliminder detect microbiological contamination real-time in waste water?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of faecal indicator organisms (E. coli and Enterococci) present in the sample. The ColiMinder is capable to determine and show the level of microbiological contamination of waste water in real-time.

A first step into a new era: microbiological contamination measurement is available in real-time, enabling to exactly address the actual contamination level.

Especially in waste water there is high potential of savings due to the strong diurnal variations (see timeline below).


Receive real-time results

Of actual microbiological contamination

Monitor your process performance

In order to increase process efficiency

Receive early warnings

In case of contamination events

Control disinfection

Adjust disinfection intensity to actual contamination

Learn more about your process

The shape of the timelines (microbiological activity & turbidity) contains important additional information about the system

Get high resolution turbidity signal

Monitoring discharge contamination at waste water treatment plant


Having 2 sample intakes, the ColiMinder is able to directly measure process performance. It can be installed at any stage of a sewage treatment plant or any other waste water treatment process for real-time monitoring of microbiological contamination:




Controlled Disinfection


The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various drinking water applications world-wide

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