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Membrane integrity

ColiMinder™ is an analyzer for real-time online bacteria monitoring
It is able to detect microbiological contamination in drinking water in 15 minutes.

Drinking Water Quality

The demand for drinking water water of adequate quality is constantly increasing; especially in large processes, there is a need to make them more efficient and thus more sustainable. Reuse of water and the development of a well-functioning circular economy are the most important building blocks of a sustainable society of the future. Drinking water processes as well as distribution networks are increasingly automated and automatically monitored. Both processes and process simulations require reliable input, relevant measurement data, in order to work efficiently or to map all relevant parameters reliably and correctly.

The ColiMinder has proven its capacity to ensure precise and reliable monitoring of bacterial and microbiological contamination

  • at raw water intakes of drinking water plants
  • in any process step of drinking water production
  • in drinking water networks and storage tanks


How does it work?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of living microorganisms present in the sample, the ColiMinder™ is capable to monitor microbiological contamination in drinking water.

Due to ColiMinder’s short time to result, microbiological contamination is now available as a parameter for process control, also providing real-time warnings on exceeding threshold limits.

Just install the ColiMinder in or between any process step of your drinking water production: you will receive a new insight into microbial dynamics of your process.

The timeline showing any change in microbial contamination is carrying precise and valuable information which had never been available before.


How did it prove reliability?

The ColiMinder’s performance, reliability, stability and robustness have been evaluated, validated and proven in several scientific studies as well as in many customer applications all around the globe.

The results of technology validations by universities have been published in several peer reviewed scientific publications. E.g. in a scientific comparison study on Online microbial monitoring of drinking water: How do different techniques respond to contaminations in practice?, conducted by the University of Ghent and published in Water Research Journal, the ColiMinder was the only device to detect 100% of all contaminants in a national drinking water network

Internal validations are conducted regularly and form a part of our quality management.

The ColiMinder has proven that it can fully map the microbiological water quality of drinking water and is perfectly able to measure all kinds of contaminations, even if it was on the lowest level.

Please ask us for further information!

Can I do compliance testing with the ColiMinder?

The ColiMinder provides operational monitoring, as recommended e.g., by the WHO. It helps our customers to achieve the goals set out in compliance regulations by real-time monitoring of microbial contamination, enabling quick reaction on probable contamination events. It does not replace compliance testing. 


Receive real-time warning

In case of contamination events

Monitor your process performance

In order to increase process efficiency, safety and sustainability

Learn more about your process

The result timelines (microbiological activity & turbidity) carry important
additional information about the dynamics of your system

Safeguard your water quality

during production as well as in storage facilities and distribution networks

Scan your distribution network quickly

in case of microbiological contamination events, to identify source of contamination

Avoid overdosing

Adjust disinfection intensity to actual contamination



Austrian municipal drinking water production from groundwater well: the ColiMinder monitoring at raw water intake and after activated carbon filtration.


The metropolitan drinking water R&D plant of the City of Seoul, Korea, using the ColiMinder to evaluate performance of two different activated carbon filtration columns


De Watergroep’s national drinking water network, Belgium: the ColiMinder is monitoring microbiological contamination level in semi final drinking water.


The ColiMinder down under: in Unitywater’s drinking water network, it is safeguarding microbial quality of final drinking water, installed at remote BliBli reservoir.

Result timeline of a drinking water production

sample 1 (black) monitoring raw water intake and sample 2 (green) after activated carbon filtration

ColiMinder use cases

proven by customers!

The ColiMinder bacterial analyzer can be installed at any stage of a drinking water production process for real-time monitoring of microbiological contamination.

River bank filtration wells

Flocculation process

Groundwater wells

Disinfection process

Raw water intakes

Distribution network

Any type of filters

Storage tanks

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Several White Papers on Drinking Water measurements provide further in-depth information about drinking water measurements with the ColiMinder.

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The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various drinking water applications world-wide


Austrian municipal drinking water production from groundwater well: the ColiMinder monitoring raw water intake and after activated carbon filtration in alternating mode.

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