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The ColiMinder™ is an online microbiological analyzer and is able to detect microbiological contamination in a membrane system within 15 minutes.


Membranes play an important role in water treatment processes. Changes in microbiological contamination indicate failing membranes or membrane fouling.

Up to now it had not been possible to rapidly determine where a contamination source is located within a bulk of membranes.

The ColiMinder can detect any changes in microbiological contamination, by continuous monitoring of the permeate of the membranes. It has proven its capacity to examine functioning of membranes in several installations worldwide. One of them has been awarded  “Best Available Practice” by a European national EPA.

How does the coliminder detect microbiological contamination real-time in membranes?

By measuring the enzymatic activity of the target organism present in the sample. The ColiMinder is able to detect and notify about microbiological contamination in the permeate of a membrane system in real-time.

A first step into a new era: microbiological contamination measurement is available in real-time, enabling a dramatic increase in efficiency & safety of water treatment process for all water related processes.

Due to the short time to result (15 minutes), the microbiological parameter is now available first for process control and early warnings, shifting process control from 2D to 3D.

Identify faulty membranes

Use 2nd sample intake to measure grab samples

Monitor your process performance

In order to increase process efficiency

Control disinfection

according to demand

Receive early warning

In case of contamination events


The shape of the timelines (microbiological activity & turbidity) contains important additional information about the system

Safeguard your water quality

get real-time results of actual microbiological contamination

Monitoring stream of hospital MBR plant prior discharge

Proven capabilities

The ColiMinder™ can be installed at any stage of membrane operation for real-time monitoring of microbiological contamination:

Monitoring permeate contamination level

Detect failing membranes

locate defect membranes

detect membrane fouling

All membrane types possible (MF, UF, NF, RO)


The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various applications world-wide

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