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ColiMinder™ is an analyzer for real-time online bacteria monitoring
It is able to detect microbiological contamination in water in 15 minutes.

General Information

ColiMinder Drinking Water Flyer

product Information

ColiMinder_Industrial Standard_CMI_02_datasheet_en

Data Sheet ColiMinder Industrial Standard CMI-02



ColiMinder_Industrial Eco_CMI_02_E_datasheet_en

Data Sheet ColiMinder Low Energy CMI-02-LE



Data Sheet ColiMinder Emergency Response Unit – Mobile CMI-02-ERU


Drinking Water

White paper
Chlorinated drinking water monitoring
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Network monitoring
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Drinking water filtration
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Application examples

Waste Water

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Waste water discharge and disinfection

Membrane integrity

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Membrane integrity

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The ColiMinder™ had proven its reliability and stability in various drinking water applications world-wide


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The ColiMinder deployed in our hometown’s drinking water plant, monitoring microbiological ground water quality to enable adjustment of treatment intensity to actual microbial load.

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